Playing in the Dark  

A Special presentation of works by various Georgia Playwrights
Directed by Jerry Jobe
May 9 - 18, 2014

Character is most clearly revealed by the way one responds to life's challenges. If confronted by one of the many faces of tragedy, what would you do? Would you do what's right? Could you?
Eight provocative stories.
Eight Journeys into the dark.
Eight tragic tales of Hope, Redemption, and Enlightenment.
What will they reveal about you?

Trash Day 

by Dave Lauby

Directed by Dave Lauby
June 13-28, 2014

The Wolley family has lived for decades in their decaying Smyrna GA home, and through those years have been threatened repeatedly for eviction due to Grampa Wolley’s hoarding and the mountainous accumulation of “collecitbles” (ie, trash) on their property. On the day when the city has delivered the ultimatum- clean it up or be evicted in 30 days- new neighbors move into the house next door, single dad Mike Aubrey and his pre-teen daughter Allegrae with a story of their own. Emerging from the depths of the Wolley trashpile is 12 year-old Jackson Wolley, and the relationship which develops between him and Allegrae is both poignant and painfully funny. Will the Wooley clan clean up their act in time to save their home? Will Jackson and Allegrae find tweenie love amidst the human debris? And will they all prove that not everything (nor everyone) that comes from a trashpile is trash? Be sure to put your cans out in time for “Trash Day.”