Out of Box Theatre: Intimate. Thought-Provoking. Unexpected.

If ever there is a time that our tagline is spot on, it is in the midst of this pandemic event that we are all currently experiencing.


Whenever a play needs more time to let the story unfold or just threw the audience a curveball so to speak, the lights come up and we take a break.


We pause.

We take an Intermission.


And that is where we are right now. We would love to tell you that Personals will be back, or Woody Guthrie's American Song will be coming to you in May or June. And most especially we would love to let you know the great play selection we have for next season. But we can't. We don't know for sure what the days ahead have in store for us. And to plan it all out now seems to be as daunting as trying to figure out just what the play will bring us after the intermission.


But what we DO know is, the lobby lights WILL flash and we WILL  be called back into the theater to see what comes next.




Of course you know that this has been a huge financial hit for us and every other theater in town. And we all look to you to donate IF YOU CAN, when you can. But mostly, we want you to know that we are so grateful for your support and kindness beyond the money. To see so many of you return to our doors and greet us with a smile and let us know how much you appreciate our work is a joy that we can't wait to experience again.


So take this intermission. Refresh and restore. And we will all be together again.


Carolyn, Amber, Zip, Matt, Bob, Topher, DeWayne, Mia, Dan, Annie, and Audrae.

Out of Box Theatre