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Out of Box Theatre began as a concept by Carolyn Choe in January 2012. The premise was simple – produce excellent shows with a smart and practical budget in order to build viable sustainability, utilizing the talents and resources of the Marietta, Cobb County and surrounding Atlanta arts community.


Out of Box Theatre, a professional, non-equity company, is known for producing offbeat, exciting, daring, and thrilling works that aren’t always widely performed, in an intimate, black box setting. We aim to provide a home for shows and artists that want to step outside the norm and stretch their creative horizons. We offer paid compensation for actors, directors, designers and crew. Our paid staff has expanded to meet our growing needs, as we produce at least nine shows per year on our stage, while also allowing space for rentals by other up-and-coming theatre groups and performers.  In addition, we have a volunteer base of almost 100 individuals who assist us with everything from ushering to set construction to administrative tasks. We continued to develop our programs, including offering resources for playwrights with Out of Box Beta Test Performance Series and our incorporation of other types of performers such as comedians and musicians in unBOXed and the addition of a full year Internship program for college graduates.


The vision for Out of Box Theatre continues to strive for excellence in professional quality, creation and innovation through new and original works, complete financial health and sustainability without the use of unnecessarily bloated production budgets, and a spirit of community collaboration with other groups, organizations, and people. By working together within our team, with our talent, volunteers and with the community, we are able to take advantage of individual strengths to create a dynamic theatre experience for the Greater Atlanta Community.


We believe theatre can serve a purpose beyond entertainment. Theatre expresses that which is otherwise inexpressible. It forces conversations we didn’t know we needed – conversations about value, relationships, responsibility, human condition, social justice, spirituality, and equality. Theatre celebrates all that is good in us, and shines a light on that which needs to be repaired.


On either side of the footlights, those involved represent a diversity of age, culture, life experience, and a strong appreciation of the importance of the arts. Theatre compels us. Theatre connects us. Theatre defines and questions, creates community and connection. Simply put, theatre changes lives.

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