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The reviews are in and Assassins is a hit! With two almost entirely sold out weekends under our belt, we thought we'd share some of the amazing feedback from our patrons.

"Step into the (intimate) big-top for a compelling rendition of Sondheim's Assassins. Michelle Peck has assembled a cast that perfectly tip-toes on the (tightrope) line between the harrowing reality and comedic humanization of American history's most hated. This non-traditional one-act musical does not lack in content; its provokes the audience's consideration what the American Dream truly means. With a variety of Americana-influenced tunes ranging from full-ensemble brooding, to melancholic ballads. As a long-time listener, first-time viewer of Assassins, I was captivated by not only the vocal and acting talent, but the staging in the round (truly making the audience an active participant). Not for the faint of heart, leave your sensitivities at the door and enjoy the wild ride of Assassins at Out of Box Theatre." - Karen Rooker

"One of the best productions of any musical I've ever seen." - Ross McLeod

"Out of the Box’s production of Assassins was a wild circus ride from start to finish. Historical characters were flawlessly brought to life by an astonishing cast. Every monologue, every note, and every choice was perfection. The costuming was mind blowing, and the set design was everything one would hope for in a top notch musical performance. Five stars would simply not be enough for this three ring circus. This is one you do not want to miss." - Caitlyn Keller

"It rocked the cashbar!" - Marki Shalloe

Assassins is a thought provoking, surreal look at the desperation of the disenfranchised and the forces driving them to heinous acts. Michelle Davis does an excellent job with her adaptation of Sondheim's work in the intimate Out of Box Theatre in the round setting. The acting and vocals are excellent as the macabre is brought to life in a surreal carnival like atmosphere. It is frightening, touching at times, and darkly humorous on a number of occasions. It is history, psychology and the human condition, well done!!!" - Steve Peck

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